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Airwell Technology

Up To 99% Odour & Gas Reduction

Solving Radon in Well Water

At Airwell Technology, we’re passionate about ensuring the safety and well-being of your family. Our innovative solutions address the critical issue of radon in well water, providing you with peace of mind and clean, healthy water.

Maximum Reduction

Airwell achieves up to 99% reduction in radon, methane, and sulfur. Unlike traditional methods that rely on granular activated carbon (which typically achieves 50-80% reduction), our system ensures your family’s safety.

Holmes Approved Product

Our cutting-edge technology has received the seal of approval from the renowned home improvement expert, Mike Holmes. Airwell sustains a “down the well” process indefinitely, without debilitating scaling or bio-fouling. Say goodbye to radon worries!

Clean Water Starts at the Source

At Airwell Technology, we’re committed to ensuring your family’s health by tackling the issue of radon in well water head-on. Our innovative system offers a comprehensive set of benefits:

Elimination at the Source

Airwell prevents radon from entering your home altogether. By addressing the problem right at the well, we safeguard your family’s well-being.

Iron and Bacteria Reduction

Most bacteria thrive in anaerobic environments. Our oxygen-rich system reduces iron and sulfate-reducing bacteria, ensuring your water remains clean and safe.

99% Gas Elimination

Airwell doesn’t stop at radon; it also removes up to 99% of methane gas. Say goodbye to unwanted odors and contaminants.

Odor-Free Water

If your well water has that unpleasant rotten egg smell, Airwell eliminates it, leaving you with fresh, odor-free water.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Minimal Upkeep and no flooding risk. Airwell requires only minimal attention, freeing you to focus on what truly matters. Our equipment is installed outside your home, eliminating any risk of water damage or flooding.

Safety and Convenience

Space-Saving Design with Quick Installation. Say goodbye to bulky tanks. Airwell’s small, unobtrusive box mounted on the well column is the only visible component. We respect your time. Typical installations take less than 2 hours, ensuring you get clean water sooner.

Peaceful Performance

Whisper-Quiet, Clog-Free Low-Voltage System. Our 24V compressor runs as quietly as a high quality dish washer, ensuring peace and tranquility. Airwell works harmoniously with your existing well pump—no additional adjustments needed. No nozzles or tanks to clean. Airwell keeps your water flowing smoothly. No electrician required. Our system operates on low-voltage power, simplifying installation.

Your Family Deserves the Best

Clean water starts with Airwell.